Tuck vs. Kellogg - Which MBA for entrepreneurial finance / private equity / venture capital?

We all know that these jobs are hard to get no matter what school you go to.  For any "career switcher" out there, you are going to face the challenges anyone with a more finance-oriented background would have - except that a career switcher is going to face these issues on some order of magnitude that is higher and harder.  The factors below already take that into consideration.

It's a toss up, but I give the edge to Tuck.

This is why:

  • Getting in good with these firms is going to require a way in (of course).  This is going to require you leveraging your relationships with current classmates (from the industry) and working very closely with the career center.  Tuck - more than any other program - is the program (beyond all programs IMHO) where your classmates are going to help you out.
  • Sure some classmates may view these few and far between opportunities and helping you as a zero-sum proposition, but its less likely to happen at Tuck than any other school - even Kellogg (which is hardcore collegial in its own rite).  
  • Additionally, getting a job in PE/VC is going to require that you spend a lot of time going to these firms and building relationships on their terms.  Given Tuck's proximity to NYC and the center of all that is finance, you are going to have an easier time getting to meet these firms. 
  • Of course you could work the recruiter route, but in this case its about building a way in, not necessarily showing a resume to a recruiter.  So if Kellogg has a numerical advantage when it comes on-campus recruitment, it is outweighed by the advantage you would having in the more personal introductions that you can get at Tuck and the school's proximity to an industry that you have to travel to in order to engage (for the most part.)
But even with all of the above, the school's numbers are virtually the same (percentage-wise).  

Take a look at each school's employment reports:

Here are some specific numbers from each report - see screenshots below.

Kellogg MBA Career Center - Major Industries Chosen by Graduates

Kellogg MBA Career Center - Job Acceptances by Industry Group

Dartmouth Tuck - Base Salaries by Industry

Dartmouth Tuck MBA - Base Salary By Industry

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