International Students Advised to Have Multiple Career Options (in Multiple Locations) Upon Graduation.

By Paul Lanzillotti, Amerasia Consulting Group

Getting into a top MBA program may feel like winning the lottery. But for international students, getting a job afterward may depend on winning an actual lottery. For those seeking employment in the US, an H-1B work visa must be obtained. And because there are a set number of visas granted per year, not every request can be honored. In the past year, there were 233,000 applications for just 85,000 “specialty occupation” visas.

Furthermore, due to the uncertainty and paperwork involved, many companies won’t even hire foreign-born MBAs. A recent study by the Graduate Management Admission Council found that that 47% of US companies hiring MBAs this year said they would not employ any international graduates. Although a master’s degree certainly increases one’s chances of receiving an H-1B, there remain no guarantees. So international students are advised to have multiple career options (in multiple locations) upon graduation.

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