Forecasting Success

When it comes to impressing the top MBA admissions committees, it’s the vision you project of your future which can compel them to admit you.

Detailing your past achievements in your MBA application is vital to a winning application.  After all, business school is largely about what you can bring from your work and personal experiences into the classroom to make you an interesting and valuable cohort member.  But what about your post MBA plans? Does it really matter what you plan to do after business school, or is it just about killing it up front to make the best impression?

The short answer is, how you position your post MBA career can make or break the entire application.

One of the most powerful impressions you can make on an MBA program’s admissions committee is being mature.  Being mature can be demonstrated in a variety of ways, but there’s no better way to show them you are ready for b-school than to have a convincing vision of your future.  When you confidently convey your path forward, it makes you sound like you’ve been around the block a few times.  This can be what separates the ready from the not ready. 

Casting a clear vision of your future also makes you sound like a leader, and leadership dovetails very well with maturity.

One question we often get from clients is, ‘what if I don’t know exactly what I want to do?”  Don’t be dismayed by this fear.  The best way to overcome uncertainty or ambivalence is actually very simple:  just choose something and go with it.  The adcoms aren’t going to probe you on how sure you are about your plans, they will only compare your vision to what they assess is the likelihood that you will pull it off.  This means that you must be grounded in your vision-casting.  Don’t reach for the stars if you’ve never even looked through a telescope.  Your future plans must make sense and tie into your past achievements.  Even if you are changing careers, you need to connect your strengths to your post MBA career plans in a way that will convince the adcoms you can actually pull it off.  In the end, if you can back up your vision with your resume and come across as sincere in in your vision, the adcoms will believe it too.


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