MBA Snapshot: Tuck School of Business

The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College holds the distinguished title of first graduate school of management in the world.  Founded in 1900, the school was quite literally the blueprint for every business school that followed and remains solidly in the top tier today.  While there has been plenty of evolution behind Tuck’s hallowed doors over the years, the core values and traits which made Tuck a great business school have remained remarkably consistent.  Here are three features of Tuck which make it unique:

1)    Intimacy

With class sizes under 300 students each, Tuck has remained relatively small compared to its peers, so the individual attention students receive not only from the administration and faculty, but also from their fellow colleagues is unparalleled.  The family-style culture is palpable, and faculty members are famously available for their students, which adds a very rich layer to their education and leadership development.  Unsurprisingly, Tuck sends scores of graduates to Wall Street and into the consulting world, both industries which are relationship-driven.  It’s also no wonder Tuck consistently ranks highest in percentage of alumni who give money back to their alma mater---the camaraderie that is built over two years of harsh winters makes for indelible lifelong connections with classmates.

2)    Location         

In addition to being the oldest graduate school of business in the world, Tuck is also one of the most remote.  Nestled in the quiet woods of New Hampshire, it’s hard to find a better business school in a city smaller than Hanover, which posts a population of only 11,000 residents. This setting is extremely unique for business schools, which are usually found in bustling cities, or at least nearby a large business center.  Not so with Tuck, but it works together with their small class size to really drive students to bond.  When the bell rings, there are scarce few places to scatter, so students end up going to the same local haunts or even simply hanging around the Tuck facilities.  Similarly, Tuck students will also plan outings to New York or other larger places as a group, instead of slipping off individually.  If you want to build strong friends in your MBA class, there’s simply no better choice than Tuck.

3)    Management & Leadership

Tuck has arguably the best general management program in the country.  They don’t always rank the highest in this category on public polls, but when you add in the softer elements, like the relationship building and communication skills, Tuck students graduate with an unmatched ability to run an organization.  Known for working with others well and strong leadership ability, Tuck students are often top on the recruitment list for Fortune 500 companies including Goldman Sachs, Amazon, and BCG among a myriad of others, which says a lot since these companies must all make the rather inconvenient trip out to Hanover to chat with them.  The real proof of the pudding, however is in the tasting, since Tuck typically ranks in the top five b-schools for career placement, often finding jobs for 95+% of their 2nd years by graduation.

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