One Click Up

This time of year there’s plenty of occasions to present yourself well.  As an MBA applicant, not only will you be going to interviews, but you will also be invited to various social events throughout the holiday season.  Practice the one-click up technique to always make a great impression.

One-click-up is simply the habit of elevating your clothing and accessory choices one level above what others are wearing.  For example, if you’re going to a formal MBA interview, add a pocket square to your suit or an elegant necklace. If your interview is business casual where others will be donning slacks and a dress shirt, add a blazer or sport coat.  If a gathering is casual, wear some snappy shoes or a dress shirt with those khakis.  Sometimes, it’s even fun to wear a sport coat with your jeans. 

Anything you can do to raise the level of sharpness will begin to influence others’ perception of you as a sharp person.

Before you go crazy with overdressing, however, know that there are some ground rules.  Anytime you are doing something a smidge better than the next person, you risk appearing as if you are trying too hard.  There is a certain subtlety to pulling off the one-click-up method of impressing others without overdoing it and ticking people off.  Understated elegance is what you are going for—not flashy or obnoxious. 

Being sharped dressed has additional benefits---it makes you feel impressive.

Self esteem and confidence gets a boost when you feel like you are the adult in the room, and dressing like one is a great way to push off in a positive direction.  It’s remarkable the impression it makes on your psyche as it also makes an impression on your colleagues.  Experiment with the one-click-up method as you prepare to go off to business school and soon you will do it naturally, becoming that post-MBA success story one well-packaged outfit at a time.


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