Professional Help

You would certainly hire a lawyer to help you in a legal case or a doctor to help you with your medical condition.  Why would you not seek professional help to get into business school?

Admissions consulting barely existed two decades ago.  The rise of hyper-competitive MBA programs, however spurned dozens of firms offering guidance on how to navigate the admissions process.  At first, these admissions consulting firms were not perceived well by the schools themselves and they did everything they could to “sniff out” applicants whom they perceived had not written their own applications, but had “paid” someone else to do it. 

This false perception took a while to abate, but before long, schools realized that reputable companies were ethical, honorable and helpful to potential applicants.  Eventually, MBA programs not only stopped holding consulting services against applicants, but slowly began to embrace their offerings.

The truth is, getting advice from a professional before embarking on something as important and life-changing as a terminal graduate degree makes sense.

Nobody questions the hiring of consultants in every single other industry or business, so don’t let any lingering stigma affect your opinion of using them for advice on MBA admissions.  The really good news is, the industry has matured so much, that the use of consulting has not only become socially and professionally acceptable, but the offerings of such services has become increasingly sophisticated as well.  Only need essay editing?  Got everything done except interview prep? 

You can generally slice and dice services precisely to your needs. 

Many busy career-chargers opt for comprehensive packages, where an admissions consultant essentially becomes like an attorney on retainer, with unlimited access to their counsel and advice over the course of your admissions process.

However you decide to leverage a professional, know that the end result with be 100% yours, and no school will be able to fault you for it. 

Putting your best foot forward in a clear and compelling way is actually good for the schools as well, since a well-crafted application provides better insight into an applicant’s profile and story and subsequently allows schools to make better decisions on someone’s candidacy.

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