Time Out

We’re only a few weeks away from some major 2019 MBA application release dates.  Perhaps you should start the process with a time out?

Time outs in sports competitions are typically taken when things are out of control or when athletes need a break, and for good reason.  Time outs are a chance to rest, re-set and strategize.  Time outs allow us to check in with our original plans and course of action to make sure we’re still on-track.  It may be counter-intuitive to think about a time out before you even begin something, but when it comes to MBA applications, taking some time “off” in advance of the application onslaught can be a secret weapon.

Rarely in your life have you ever had to do such a thorough self-assessment as you will right now.

While not everyone can actually take a week of vacation to do introspection, if you can pull it off, you can really set yourself up for success with your MBA applications.  With or without actual time off from your job, however, it’s critical to find room in your schedule to not only map out your application plan, but also to begin doing a deep dive into your core motivations for your decision to go back to school.

Why MBA?  Why Now?  Why You? Why Here?

These four simple questions are perhaps the most critical things to start with.  Every school is essentially trying to get to these answers in every applicant.  You will soon notice some version of these questions hidden or explicitly woven into all the applications.  It’s not always obvious, either.  For example, the why now question is partially addressed in your resume alone.  If your resume doesn’t indicate readiness, you will be hard pressed to answer that question directly.

When setting aside time to explore your approach, you might want to begin with a personal statement and write about how your life has brought you answers to these four questions.  You can also use your time out to explore school choices, which is the second most important decision beyond deciding to go back to school in the first place.  It will also give you time to chat with consultants so you can choose the right one.  However you organize your time out, just be sure to do it.  The next several months are going to get increasingly frenetic for you, so starting with an organized mind is the best thing you can do to end up with the best application possible.

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