Paul Lanzillotti is...Awesome!!!

Needless to say there are tons of professional consultants and fortunately I found this forum to be extremely helpful. I selected about 6 or 7 of them and talked to all of them. About half of them (whom by the way are very prominent consultants) rejected my case since they thought that I did not stand a chance. The last call I made was to amerasia. I spoke to adam and he mentioned that for my case Paul would be a better person to talk to. So ended up sending my case to Paul.

Great Experience

think an admissions consultant is invaluable in the MBA application process. First, my background. I'm 31, with 8 years of experience in finance, female, 3.7 GPA from a public university, and 720 GMAT. I'm looking to transition out of finance and into entrepreneurship.

I got into Booth with scholarship.

I worked with Amerasia for Booth and Kellogg this year and I honestly feel I would've been lost without using some kind of consultant.  I was so impressed from the initial 1 hour call and felt he had enough school-specific knowledge to know what they were looking for.