Maximize Your Time

So much work goes into applying to b-school, that most people don’t stop to think about the 8-12 months between getting in and going back.

There’s no better feeling than when you are contacted by your dream MBA program that you are being offered a slot.  All the hard work in your undergrad years, your career, and in your application itself is represented in that one notice.  You did it.  Now what?

In most cases, there’s not much more for you to achieve or to learn by staying put in your current role…

Yet most people do exactly that---stay put until they pack off for business school.  Have you thought about what you might do with the time between getting in and going back?  Even if you are currently in the cycle, you still have several months ahead.  What are you going to do with the time?

Being back in school full time means being without an income, so certainly there is no shame in plugging along until the last minute to earn and save some cash.  But keep this in mind:  there will not likely be another time in your life where you will be in a position of freedom like this.  The next few months are truly unreserved and unobserved.  There’s no accountability to either your employer nor your approaching MBA program. 

If you have ever wanted to take that exotic excursion you’ve always dreamed of, now is the time.

But if you’re the type of driven person who just can’t spend valuable time relaxing, you can always travel with a purpose.  Most MBA programs of merit have a global focus, so you can dramatically increase your value in the classroom if you have some international experiences to draw from.  Why not go on a two-month informational tour of blue-chip Europe?  You might be surprised how many companies will welcome a visit from a curious student.  Having that admissions ticket can open doors previously unavailable.

If traveling is not in the cards for you, another thing to consider is taking on a new job.  Sounds like a challenge in some ways (after all, companies may not want to hire you if you’re only around for a few months), but if you can swing temporary employment, especially in an area of interest for your targeted post-MBA career track, you’d be one step ahead of the game by logging a little pre-MBA time in that area. 

Now is the time to roll the dice, because you literally have nothing to lose.


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