MBA Snapshot: Sloan School of Management

MIT’s Sloan School of Management benefits from the world-class reputation of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but don’t think Sloan lives in the shadow of MIT’s engineering achievements.  Sitting securely at the intersection of business and technology, Sloan has established a unique reputation as a respected business school in its own right.  Here are three main reasons…

1)    Rigor

Keying off MIT’s reputation for attracting smart students, Sloan designed the core curriculum to really kick the tails of new MBA candidates.  Taking the same five challenging courses, students slave away from the starting gun at Sloan to keep up.  This brutal baptism by fire not only establishes a work-hard culture and toughens up students for what’s to come, but it also creates a tremendous amount of bonding, since psychologists agree that the depth of a connection is commensurate with the intensity of an experience.  The good news for Sloan students is, the core curriculum is essentially finished after this first semester instead of stretching over the entire first year like at many other schools.

2)    Working together

Collaboration is a key mantra for Sloan, despite the breakneck academic requirements, possibly stemming from a long history of student-led startups which launch either during or after completion of the program.  Sloan knows more than any other school that solving modern business problems is not a one-person task, so it pushes students to work together through action-based educational opportunities both inside and outside the classroom.  If you enjoy putting your head together with other hard-working, smart achievers vs. going solo, Sloan may be a good fit.

3)     Hands-on learning

It’s probably a giveaway once you read Sloan’s motto “mens et manus” that getting proverbial dirty hands as a student there is a key to success, both in b-school and in life.  Sloan refers to their approach as “action learning” and involves cutting edge experiential techniques often found only in lab work or coaching environments.  Students lead consulting projects for local companies and go on excursions outside the classroom to apply theory in practice.  Remember how much fun field trips were as a youngster?  If you like learning by doing, Sloan is the place for you.


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