One More Time

If you’re finding yourself frustrated right now because you are worried about MBA application deadlines, yet you still don’t have the GMAT score you want, know that there’s always the option to take that blasted test one more time.

The GMAT is usually the bane of nearly every b-school applicant’s existence.  Unless you fall into the enviable category of standardized test guru, you probably have considerable anxiety with taking the test, much less the score you are able to achieve. 

The last thing you want to hear is that you should take the GMAT again.

The dirty truth is, however, that it really does matter what score you get, and even a marginal improvement in your score can go along way with the adcoms.  Not only will an increased score help your target school’s average (if you are ultimately admitted), but an increased score will also communicate to the adcoms that you have the capability to work hard and achieve progressive results.

The really interesting thing is, even if you don’t improve your score at all, simply retaking the test will communicate to the adcoms that you don’t give up and that you are serious about trying to improve.  Particularly if you only took the test once, and didn’t get a good score, the adcoms might at best make judgments about your level of effort and in the worst case, question your true interest in going back to school at all.

So there’s a bit of political messaging that goes along with the practical side of test taking.

  Kind of kills two birds with one stone, and in the end, there’s nothing to lose.  Schools only consider your highest score, so getting a lower score on a subsequent testing does not hurt you.  If you’re having trouble making the decision to retest, psych yourself up with these encouraging thoughts and then try to do something different this time around. Approaching the test in a new way can trick your mind into breaking through to a higher score.  Whether it’s prepping for the test in a new way, changing tutors, or simulating the testing environment at home before you take the real thing, you might surprise yourself with the results.

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