Paul Lanzillotti is...Awesome!!!

Hi All, 

Here is a snippet of how I ended up working for Paul and boy..I am glad that I chose amerasia!! 

Little bit of BG info. I am 30 yr/F/ Undergrad decent university from India, (EE)Masters - decent university US (3.2 GPA,EE). 1350 GRE 

My desire to do a MBA started back in 2006 when I accidentally found myself browsing through pages of HBS!! But back then my personal situation did not allow me to pursue my goal. Fast forward 5 years ; after working for a top semiconductor company and a heavy manufacturing industry I decided that now might be time - It's now or never. 

It's easier said than done as I had no clue as to how and where to start the whole process. I know where I stood among an extremely competing crowd and hence decided to use some professional help. All I wanted was to apply to two schools Ross and Kellogg's PTMBA . 

Needless to say there are tons of professional consultants and fortunately I found this forum to be extremely helpful. I selected about 6 or 7 of them and talked to all of them. 
About half of them (whom by the way are very prominent consultants) rejected my case since they thought that I did not stand a chance. 
The last call I made was to amerasia. I spoke to adam and he mentioned that for my case Paul would be a better person to talk to. So ended up sending my case to Paul. 

This was during sep 2011 which is a busy time for the applicants and the consultants. But Paul got back to me the very next day by email and scheduled with me for an hour of free consultation. 
Needless to say all I had was my old resume since I had no clue as to how to modify the resume or do a rough draft of the essays. 

He was up to the mark from the start , gave me a clear strategy how we are going to put our case to the school (I did have some unique background and exp), how to make my resume more appealing ; basically how we are going to end up getting admitted to!!! 

He is someone who is blunt (not rude!) when it comes to the business. I completely trusted him in my case. We ended up doing 5 or 6 edits for each essay until we both were convinced that the essays exactly conveyed what I wanted to tell the adcom. He is some one who could extrapolate your thoughts to words and he is good at it!!! 

He is very flexible in his schedule and if I needed him he made time in his schedule to talk to me - on the same day!!Also he is very experienced in working with international candidates - This helped me a lot during the process. 

Did I mention that my 2 school package cost me about 50% less than what other consultants quoted me. 

Finally I ended up getting into both the schools (One of them even offered me a scholarship!!). I owe a big thanks to Paul and amerasia. If anyone needs more information please feel free to PM me and I will be glad to share my thoughts with you.