Our "10-Year Lens" Philosophy

Simply put, our 10-Year Lens is the philosophy that underlies our comprehensive approach to college admissions consulting.  It results in a unique approach to college consulting and long-term perspective for each applicant's future. We believe that college should be viewed as more than just a four-year experience; it is the launch pad for the rest of your life.

Our admissions consultants are experts in helping you establish a big picture understanding of your candidacy to help determine the colleges that best fit your admissions, academic, social, career, and possible graduate school goals and form the foundation of your future success. The best fit for our clients ensures immediate academic success - best fit socially, best fit for career success, best fit for possible graduate school plans.

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Our comprehensive approach to college admissions begins the day you hold an initial consultation with a member of our expert admissions consulting team.  Each prospective Client is paired with an expert consultant based on an in-depth examination of background, personal characteristics, passions, target programs and career vision.  Your initial consultation is the first step to crafting an analysis and approach that is unique to your individual strengths, weaknesses and fit with ideal school(s).

Early Stages

The early stages of each client's engagement examines fundamental questions about the forces that affect and inspire the individual - questions that focus on the "why", rather than the "how."  It is the answer(s) to these fundamental "why" questions that are essential for understanding each client's motivations and life path - to-date and in the future - and as a person and professional.  Our consultants take great care (and confidentiality) in drawing out each client's truest aspirations - characteristics that go well beyond the cursory aspects of income potential and prestige of top programs.    

Subsequent Stages

Subsequent stages, in coordination with your family, organize your ideas and experiences, motivations and aspirations "on paper."   It's not enough to have a "goal" or a adept leadership example.  You have to know how to communicate it clearly and craft a message appropriate to each individual school.  Providing the admissions committee a sense of clarity and purpose will undoubtedly involve multiple iterations of your essay drafts and resume.  Our comprehensive approach also extends to getting the most out of your letters of recommendation and application, and preparation for potential interviews.  When necessary, your consultant will also provide follow up services - such as waitlist advice, financial aid guidance, etc.   Finally, to ensure that each client receives a one-on-one experience, we require that each of our consultants work with a limited number of clients per admission round.

Our consulting expertise extends to non-traditional candidates and applications.  We have successfully worked with under-represented candidates from across the globe, as well as military veterans returning to school, and competitive athletes exploring the next step in their education.

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