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Our Full Engagement Service is the most complete MBA admissions consulting service for applicants to top MBA programs. Bar none.

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Essays: The client, with their consultant, will go through unlimited editing iterations/drafts of each essay.
Resume: A business school resume will be prepared in order to maintain a consistent client message.
Recommendations: Guidance on how to generate effective letters of recommendation is provided.  

Review of Final Submission Package
Mock Interviews
Waitlist Guidance, Acceptance and Resignation Planning, Financial Aid Guidance

Every Full Engagement is led by an expert admissions consultant who serves as the manager during the client life cycle. Every one of our consultants is a graduate from a top business school with at least five years of MBA admissions consulting experience.  Additionally, all our consultants must have MBA admissions interviewing or recruiting experience.

process overview

As the client, you will engage in a collaborative, cradle-to-grave, white glove experience with your consultant;  fully addressing all parts of the application process and maximizing your chances of gaining acceptance to a top MBA program. 

The Initial Consultation

Our comprehensive approach begins the day you hold an initial consultation with a member of our expert admissions consulting team.  Each prospective Client is paired with an expert consultant based on an in-depth examination of professional background, personal characteristics, target programs and desired industry.  Your initial consultation is the first step to crafting an analysis and approach that is unique to your individual strengths, weaknesses and fit with each business school(s).

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Early Stages Examine Fundamental Questions and Develop Key Ideas

The early stages of each client's engagement examines fundamental questions about the forces that affect and inspire the individual - questions that focus on the "why", rather than the "how."  It is the answer(s) to these fundamental "why" questions that are essential for understanding each client's motivations and life path - to-date and in the future - and as a person and professional.  Our consultants take great care (and confidentiality) in drawing out each client's truest aspirations - characteristics that go well beyond the cursory aspects of increased salary and prestige that top MBA programs can offer.    

Latter Stages Focus on Translating Ideas into Relevant Stories

Subsequent stages organize your ideas and experiences, motivations and aspirations "on paper."   It's not enough to have a "goal" or a adept leadership example.  You have to know how to communicate it clearly and craft a message appropriate to each individual school.  Providing the admissions committee a sense of clarity and purpose will undoubtedly involve multiple iterations of your essay drafts and resume. 

Addressing the Entire Application

Our comprehensive approach also extends to the review of your letters of recommendation. resume and application, and preparation for your interviews.  When necessary, your consultant will also provide follow up services - such as waitlist advice, financial aid guidance, etc.   

Finally, to ensure that each client receives a one-on-one experience, we require that each of our consultants work with a limited number of clients per admission round.


As of April 2, 2019

One-School: $3900

Two-Schools: $5900 (+$2000)

Three-Schools: $7300 (+$1400)

Four-Schools: $8500 (+$1200)

Five-Schools: $9600 (+$1100)

For each school after the fourth, the fee is an additional $1100 per school.


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