What is it?

The Core Engagement is our most complete college admissions consulting service for those applying to competitive college programs around the world. 

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The Core Engagement is led by an expert admissions consultant who serves as the coach and mentor to the student (as well as a point of contact for the entire family) during the client lifecycle. As the client, you will engage in a collaborative, end-to-end, white glove experience with your consultant;  fully addressing all parts of the application process and maximizing your chances of gaining acceptance at your best fit program.

Every one of our consultants is a graduate from a top school with at least five years of admissions consulting experience.  Additionally, all our consultants have admissions interviewing or recruiting experience.





Coaching & Development


Candidacy Closure

The Core Engagement covers the following areas, including the common application and the supplemental application material for one or multiple schools.

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Candidacy Evaluation – Centers on the “10-Year Lens” and determining a school selection that align and fits with the client’s admissions, academic, social, career, and possible graduate school needs.

Coaching and Candidacy Development – Focus on points needed to develop their story and craft persuasive essays.

Essay Editing – The student, with their consultant, will go through several iterations/drafts of each essay for the common application + supplemental essays for each individual school.

Resume – A college resume will be prepared in order to maintain a consistent client message.

Letters of Recommendation – Guidance on how to generate effective letters of recommendation is provided.

Parent Updates – Quarterly reports delivered to parents on their child’s progress, development, and readiness for the application process.

Review of Final Submission Package | Mock Interview | Waitlist Guidance | Acceptance Planning | Financial Aid Guidance


Our success in working with candidates in the graduate school arena has established a brand associated with global admissions consulting.  Extensive experience in working with international candidates has allowed us to not only understand and address the challenges of efficient global logistics, communication and consulting processes.

The Core Engagement is traditionally conducted via phone, Skype, and email in order to match each client with the right consultant.   Individual and alternative arrangements may be made based on the client’s individual needs.

The client should expect to speak with their consultant on an as needed basis and quarterly check-in calls will be scheduled between parents and the consultant. Traditionally clients speak with their consultant every few weeks during the initial stages of each application and as needed during the final stages.  Email correspondence is handled on a more frequent basis and is traditionally returned within one or two business days.






Common Application + 1 Supplemental Application


Common Application + 3 Supplemental Applications

$4600 (50% off 1 school)




Common Application +  5 Supplemental Applications

$6200 (Get 1 school free)

Common Application + 10 Supplemental Applications

$9600 (Get 2 schools free)

Each additional supplemental application is $1100. 

Hourly consulting is $250 per hour.

Note: Over 500 colleges share a “Common Application” section of their applications; this frontloads the work on a client’s 1st school. Pricing has been weighted accordingly.

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