Amerasia's Rankings of the Top U.S. B Schools

We're going to have some fun with the blog today by posting our completely biased, totally subjective ranking of the top U.S. "national" b schools.  What we mean by "national" is a program with a broad, national and international recruiting presence.  Basically not a "regional" school, which can be an amazing experience and can *absolutely* offer incredible job opportunities ... just in a more specific region.  (That's why schools like USC, Indiana, Texas, UNC, and Tepper can be such fantastic values if you are hoping to work in SoCal, the Midwest, Texas, the Southeast, or the Northeast, respectively.)  

Now, we understand that the world needs another b-school ranking like it needs a hole in the head and we know that this barely even qualifies as a ranking.  That said ... we are asked often enough by clients what WE think the best MBA programs are that we thought we would post them in this space.  No explanations, no quantifiable measures, just pure opinion, in a simple list.  Discuss, debate, enjoy.

1. HBS

2. Stanford

3. Wharton

4. MIT

5. Booth

6. Kellogg

7. Columbia

8. Tuck

9. Haas

10. Ross

11. Duke

12. Stern

13. UCLA

14. Yale

15. Cornell

16. Darden

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