Forget Star Wars. The MBA talent wars are coming to a b-school near you.

Forget Star Wars. The MBA talent wars are coming to a b-school near you, according to a recent survey by Poets & Quants.

With admissions officers more active than ever in recruiting today’s best and brightest, P&Q asked a group of leading MBA consultants where their top clients are heading for their graduate educations. And their answers may surprise you.

Stanford and Harvard topped the list, but two unexpected schools cracked the Top 10: INSEAD’s vaunted one-year program (#4) as well as London Business School (#8).

Part of their advantage comes from ambitious applicants seeking international exposure. But as Amerasia’s Adam Hoff notes, it also stems from the schools’ rigorous admissions process. Ultimately, any “best of” list is highly subjective and applicants must work to decide which program is best for their specific needs.

Check out "The Business Schools Winning The MBA Student Talent Wars", posted on June 15, 2015 at Poets & Quants


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