Ding Analysis

March Madness takes on a whole new meaning when you get rejected from your target MBA program.  Instead of being angry, however, try to learn more about why you weren’t accepted.

Life is full of rejections and even the best of the best business school applications don’t find acceptance at every school.  The math just doesn’t allow it, with all the fully qualified applicants out there and the finite number of seats. 

Getting personal feedback from your target MBA program is unlikely at the most competitive schools.

There are other schools, however, who offer “ding analysis,” which is something you should definitely receive if you can.  This is done in various ways.  Some schools simply give you a few tips in the rejection letter (again, the top schools will simply say, “we are unable to provide you with any specific feedback”).  Other schools will offer you to reach out to them or set an appointment to discuss why you were rejected. If you are one of the lucky ones who has this opportunity, know that it’s not a chance for you to change their mind, but rather a chance for you to take notes.  Any feedback you receive is like a gold coin that you can pay forward on your next round of applications. 

Knowing specifically why a school turned you down is invaluable for subsequent applications.

If you can’t get any advice from the schools themselves, you can always get one of our knowledgeable consultants to help you analyze why you may not have made the cut.  Having someone who is purely objective comb through your application can perhaps help you see what you are biased against seeing yourself.  However you get your rejection analyzed, you can rest assured that in doing so, you will be far better positioned next time.


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