Don't Overwhelm the Adcoms

It’s great to be creative when applying to business school, but don’t go overboard or you might turn off the adcom altogether.

Let’s face it:  it’s getting difficult to get attention these days from business schools.  Especially since the major league adcoms have been shrinking their staff ranks from budget cutbacks, they are processing more applications with fewer people behind the scenes. 

Eventually applications start looking the same.

In the old days, before digital submission requirements, you could send in your application in a larger envelope, or printed on linen paper, for example, to impress the reader.  This eventually got out of hand, with perfumed paper or glitter coming out of a package from an over-zealous applicant who was well-meaning, but off-base ultimately in their approach. 

Nowadays, it’s more common for applicants to attempt to contact the admissions director or someone on the admissions team to hound them about their status.  While it’s a great idea to connect with the admissions office (and everyone should be scheduling an on-campus visit to include a stop-by at the admissions office), being belligerent about it can really backfire hard.  Never assume a level of familiarity with anyone on the admissions staff beyond that which is offered by them.  Should you send a thank you note?  Yes!  Should you try to friend them on facebook?  No. 

A good dose of common sense applies here.

While it may seem like a fine line to walk, just make sure to think things through before you overwhelm the adcom with information about yourself.  In the end, schools frown on any attempt to gain an unfair advantage, but welcome earnest efforts to connect like everyone else. 

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