Goal Setting

Now that your new years resolutions are long forgotten, isn’t it time to set some real goals for MBA applications?

Goal setting for MBA applicants has dual benefits.  Not only will smartly established goals put you on a course towards a winning application, but well-defined goals will also position you with the right mindset for b-school itself. 

To most MBA applicants, human nature makes us feel like everyone else has it all pulled together, but the truth is, much of the success-oriented skills and abilities top business people utilize to advance their careers were not honed until they attended business school.  But it’s never too early to exercise these skills, and doing so will only enhance your application.

Firstly, you must make yourself set time-defined goals for the application process. 

Deadlines are non-negotiable, and the myriad of tasks that must be done before submission need to be thoughtfully scheduled if you plan to avoid submission stress.  Adding unnecessary stress to the process by failing to establish personal goals will only detract from the quality of your MBA application.

Beyond the straightforward goals you must have in place for the application, the more important part of goal setting this year comes in your career.  Precisely because the MBA is often used to change your career trajectory, you must give thoughtful consideration to your short and long term goals now, lest you risk getting off course.

Business schools will also want to know what your short and long term goals are.

This is where some applicants get confused and sometimes send a negative message to the admissions committees in the process.  Short term goals as it pertains to your business school story should begin with your first job after business school.  Do not list as your short term goal going back to get your MBA.  Doing so will make you appear naïve.  Your short term goals essentially encompass the first five years post MBA.  These goals should be both clear and attainable.  This means you can’t lay out goals for the adcom which don’t appear to be reasonable given your prior work experience. 

Set goals that seem to be a natural extension of what you have achieved so far, yet challenge yourself to a level of achievement that can only be reached with the benefit of an MBA.

Once you have solid five year goals, you can dream a little more wildly with your long term goals.  While long term goals are best when they compliment your short term goals, you can stretch your vision towards aspirational achievements such as becoming a c-suite executive or launching a successful multi-national company, etc. 


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