Hanging By a Thread

When telling your story to the MBA admissions committees, it’s always best to weave everything together into a cohesive narrative which contains a compelling thread running throughout.  You might say your admission is hanging by it.

No matter how checkered your background or how random your professional journey might be, it’s important to find the thread which ties it all together.  This can be troublesome for applicants, especially if your career moves have not been exactly progressive or related, so you may need to spend some extra time on the loom, so to speak.

Remember that the admissions committee is looking for passion and commitment, but that doesn’t mean you must have remained true to a single calling. 

If you are someone who has changed jobs or industries, then look for the common interest that drew you to each job and see if you can form that into an impetus or motivator for your future vision.  As critical as it is to have impressive work experience when applying to business school, it’s even more vital to know what you want to do with the MBA when you’re done.

In other words, it’s really how you tie your thread into your future vision which makes it all work. 

Business schools certainly care about your experience, and do want to see purpose and ambition in your professional track, but what’s even more valuable in an MBA application is casting a vision which leverages the passion and common theme of your prior career into what will hopefully become a meteoric post-MBA plan.  When you have a thread, and can tie one end to your early career and one end to your future plans, you will be creating a solid piece of cloth that the adcoms can neatly fold and consider thoughtfully, without shifting puzzle pieces around to make things fit. 

The more securely you can establish a thread which runs throughout your application, the less you will have to rely on the admissions committee to draw conclusions on their own and potentially misread your intended path or intentions. 

A solid thread communicates confidence and maturity, two very powerful and persuasive characteristics of MBA candidates.  And transforming yourself from an MBA applicant to an MBA candidate is the goal.

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