MBA Snapshot: Kellogg School of Management

Kellogg, in addition to being the world's most famous cereal brand is also the namesake school of John L. Kellogg, the founder of the company.  The Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern remains solidly in the top ten business schools for a variety of reasons, but there are three key areas that keep the applications pouring in year after year…

1)      Marketing prowess

Kellogg’s reputation for marketing expertise is so strong, it’s essentially considered to be the best in practically every single MBA survey.  Since the rich get richer, the school attracts only the best of the best faculty in marketing research and thought.  It’s no surprise that students who focus on marketing at Kellogg also land the most competitive jobs in that industry, but despite it’s prowess in marketing, Kellogg, like most business schools, launches even more careers in consulting (with marketing coming in second).  General management is also a popular track, so don’t think about Kellogg as a “marketing only” choice.  Think of its top ranking in management simply as one of the key attributes which has permanently cemented the school as one of the best respected business schools in the country.

2)      Teamwork

Of course every business school touts its team environment, and indeed, working in teams is a critical part of any good program out there today.  But Kellogg basically invented it.  That’s right, every since 1908, Kellogg has been integrating collaboration into the curriculum, shifting projects and assignments into group settings vs. individual performance.  Over the years, most, if not all, business schools have emulated their innovative approach to business school students playing in the same sandbox.  Still today, students at Kellogg are evaluated mostly on what they deliver as a team, and in fact are essentially only given grades on an individual basis when it comes to class participation.  If you are more of an extrovert than an introvert, and thrive in an environment where you rely on others to help you learn, Kellogg would be an ideal choice.

3)      Fun-loving culture

Kellogg is considered the fraternity/sorority of the business school world. Famous for their work hard, play hard culture, students enjoy an endless barrage of social activities outside the classroom, including weekly beerfests (called TG), ski trips, and parties galore.  They even have organized trips to other countries before classes begin, including not only students, but their partners as well.  If having fun is on your agenda for business school, you definitely should take a close look at Northwestern.

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