MBA's Dirty Little Secret

Most applicants spend considerable time laying out a thoughtful career vision for their target schools, one that makes logical sense and often ties directly into their past experience.  But what if you change your mind?

The Dirty Little Secret at b-schools is that you don’t have to pursue what you told them you would in the application. For some, this news will be a non-issue, since many applicants stick to their original plan.  Given the long time between application and matriculation, however, a lot can happen, and many MBA candidates alter their vision or become inspired in a different direction.  If this describes you, or if you are about to apply, yet think you might want to go another way, read on.

Once you accept your offer to attend a school, that school never looks at your application again. 

By the time you show up next fall, anything you wrote in your applications will be long forgotten.  Even if someone happens to remember something from your application, however, there’s no crime in changing your mind.  Often in the application process, MBA hopefuls feel compelled to cast a vision that makes logical sense based on their background and experience (rightly so).  After all, admissions committees generally tend to be skeptical about far-flung fantasies about taking over the world.  If your plan includes doing so, however, there’s now nothing to stop you. 

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