New Year's Resolutions

We’re only two weeks into the new year.  How are those resolutions working out?

For MBA applicants, the New Year is often a time of renewed interest in starting fresh.  Getting your MBA is a big deal---a career-changing, life-changing transformation that gets everyone thinking about improving themselves. 

One problem with life-transformation is that it can quickly become overwhelming.

One thing to caution yourself against is letting your MBA dreams become so inspiring that you try to do too much at once.  A good example is someone who has been accepted to school or is still applying and simultaneously decides to get in shape, eat right, go to church, dump their boyfriend, stop drinking and read three books a week.  Particularly if you are in the “still applying” category, you should be careful about loading up on new year’s resolutions, lest you get bogged down and, heaven forbid, sacrifice on your application quality.

Applying to business school can be stressful, particularly when the decisions start coming out. 

If you add stress on top of the stress of maintaining new resolutions, you could set yourself up for some serious mental issues.  While it’s a great idea to improve yourself, you should prioritize your goals first to make sure you’re not becoming an accident ready to happen.  Once you get in b-school, your time will be much more free to take on new challenges, so why not focus on that first, then set a goal to begin your next round of new aspirations immediately thereafter.

Stacking goals can be an effective way to ensure you are building the muscles necessary to carry several new goals at once. 

The good news about being accepted to your targeted MBA program is, it comes with an extreme measure of mental fuel to boost your attack on new initiatives. There’s nothing like the vigor of knowing your life is changing for the positive to inspire exciting directives that you can tackle for the balance of the year. Just keep in mind if you are still preparing to apply, you need to allocate a lot of time this year to getting that done.  Often clients underestimate the physical and mental drain, not to mention the time suck that MBA applications can be. 

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