Sacrificing the Holidays

Applying to business school is hard.  It’s not as hard as business school itself, but it definitely taps your dedication early in the process.  And this time of year is a tough time to test your meddle.

If you’re deep into round two applications right now, you’re not alone.  Often, more applicants apply in round two than any other round.  Some were simply not ready for round one, and others are piling on, using the second round as a chance to work further down their list of dream schools.  Whatever reason you have for submitting round two applications you are probably facing a delicate balancing act right now between spending time with family and friends, shopping for Christmas or Chanukah presents or perhaps even wrapping up quarter four results at work. 

While making sure you take some sanity time for yourself and others, sacrificing some holiday time is usually necessary to do your best application. 

While I would like to tell you to take a week off from pounding out essays and gathering supporting documentation, know that doing so could potentially affect the quality of your final product.  Going to business school is a huge deal.  It’s a terminal degree, so it’s the last time in theory that you will ever be a student. 

The school you attend will influence the rest of your career and the rest of your life. 

Once you put the application process in this perspective, you can see how sacrificing one holiday season might be worth it.  The good news is, once you are accepted into the school of your dreams, you will get at least two nice, long holiday breaks.

As a full time student once again, you also get a Spring break and other luxuries, so suck it up, knuckle down, and put your best foot forward.  Just remember to communicate early with your advisors and consultants, because unlike you, we actually do take some time off around the holidays!  

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