The Roundup

The application process for business school requires a little hunting and gathering, so don’t get caught having not done the legwork.

 Most of the stress around MBA application season comes from within your own mind as you are crafting your story in a compelling way and casting a solid vision which connects your achievements with your future plans.  Countless deleted drafts pile up in the waste bin while some applicants begin to question why they were even trying to leave a great job to go back to graduate school in the first place. 

 Gathering the necessary documentation required to submit a business school application can sneak up on you.

 One thing you can’t afford to forget is the often voluminous amount of support paperwork schools require before they will consider an application complete.  While the digital age has made things a little easier, how long ago it was that you were an undergrad student will affect how easy or difficult it is to pull records. 

 Many schools have everything you will need on their bursar’s website, so if your alma mater does:  be thankful.

 Applicants generally have a pretty easy time obtaining transcripts from a school where they spent four years and graduated.  Where it gets more complicated is digging up the transcript from that one course you took at the little community college while home for the summer.  It’s even more complicated still if that little community college no longer exists, or was absorbed into a larger regional or state school.  Graduate schools will need transcripts from every school you attended where the classes you took contributed to or were required by the degree you ultimately received. 

 Particularly public higher ed institutions have been fairly archaic over the years due to underfunding and other budgetary challenges. 

 If you attended a public university or a community college, particularly one whose status has changed over the years, you may want to get a jump on tracking down your records.  This way, you won’t be caught in a stressful, mad scramble later this fall when the deadline approaches.

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