Work Experience

There’s so much you must do to impress the admissions committee, but above all, it’s your work experience which makes the biggest impression.

Business school is an incredibly unique graduate school option because it’s the only graduate school where you don’t usually enter directly following your under-graduation.  Think about it. Every single master’s or doctorate program including law school and medical school is typically taken on directly after your undergraduate experience. 

Business school is different.

One of the most valuable things about business school is what you glean from your classmates.  This means that admissions committees are very keen on selecting applicants who bring something to the table from their real-world experience.  Does this mean that they never matriculate someone without post-undergrad experience?  No.  But it is very uncommon for them to ever invite someone to join the class who does not bring something valuable to the table.

What you have achieved professionally is extremely valuable when discussing cases in a classroom setting.

Think of business school as a two-year seminar in practical analysis of the most common business problems.  You are learning not only from the textbooks and the professor, but from the collective experience of everyone in your class.  Fully 75% or more of business school work is done on a team as a collaborative exercise, so imagine how much richer the project work is when you are tapping the minds of your colleagues who have actually been out there executing real-world projects. 

What you bring to the table must be thoughtfully conveyed in your application. 

Your resume is not enough to bring to life what you have achieved professionally and how valuable it might be to someone else.  Don’t miss this.  What you have done in your career is extremely useful to someone outside your industry no matter how straightforward or pedestrian it may seem to you.  In turn, you will receive wise insight from others who have experience outside your own comfort zone.  Thus is the magic of business school.


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