Incentive Pricing for Multiple Schools

For a Full Engagement, a multiple school rate will be applied in the following cases and if multiple schools are purchased upfront:

  • Purchase three schools during your initial engagement, you will receive a fourth school at no additional charge.
  • Purchase four schools during your initial engagement, you will receive a fifth school at no additional charge.
  • Purchase five schools during your initial engagement, you will receive a sixth and seventh school at no additional charge.

Availability of this promotion is seasonal.  Please check when signing up for services.

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Our complete MBA admissions consulting service for those applying to top MBA programs. 

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à la carte MBA admissions consulting services that allow the client to tailor their consulting experience to suit a specific need.

GMAT Club Members

Members of GMAT Club receive a 10% reduction in fees.  This promotion cannot be combined ("stacked") with any other promotion. To determine your eligibility for this promotion and discounted pricing, we verify your forum membership.  Additionally, you must let us know before making payment that you are a member of GMAT Club.  Promotional pricing is not retroactive.   Contact Us For Details >

The “Round Three” Guarantee

The late rounds are considered a competitive round at many top MBA programs.  We offer a “Round Three Guarantee” for clients coming to us in the late rounds – generally considered to be round three and four for US MBA programs and rounds three, four or five for European MBA programs.

Should you select a Full Engagement and apply to an agreed-upon school in the final round of a program's admissions cycle (usually round 3), you will not be charged any additional fee for applying in the initial round of the subsequent application season (if you do not gain entry to that program.)  

There are conditions associated with this offer, primarily the re-application must be made to the same school and program format (i.e. School X Full Time MBA Program).  Additionally, a GMAT re-take is required and must reflect a higher combined score.  Contact Us For Details >