MBA Snapshot: Stern School of Business

New York University is one of the most elite colleges in the country, so it’s not a surprise that its business school is no different.  Stern’s diversely populated, highly energetic and hands-on students fit perfectly within its ideal location in the heart of Manhattan, the world’s business center.  While it’s no secret the school consistently falls in the top group of great b-schools, there are a few important reasons why they remain there.

1)    Tried-and-True, balanced curriculum

While finance certainly comes to mind when considering NYU Stern’s strengths, Stern has developed a classic business education, which yields strong general management graduates.  In a world where b-schools are all generally all trying to rush students through the core curriculum, at Stern, fundamentals are heavily emphasized in the first year, allowing students to marinate a bit longer before broadening their coursework in the second year with more customized content.  Grounding students with a solid foundation of universal business analysis gives Stern graduates the kind of confidence found only amongst the most successful business leaders.  This approach is particularly advantageous for students with little or no formal business education in their background.

2)    Diversity

If New York is the great American Melting Pot, then Stern is the melting pot of business schools.  Students benefit tremendously from a rich, multi-cultural makeup of students and Stern touts the fact that more than 50 different countries are often represented in the average class.  At 38%, the school also has more females in their class than almost any other school.   This kind of broad mix of students yields a tremendous amount of innovative thinking in the classroom, where students contribute from their own unique experiences to solve business problems in fresh and inventive ways.  If you are leaning towards a global business career post MBA, especially one that falls in the finance industry, you can’t go wrong with Stern.

3)    Location in the heart of New York

This attribute is pretty obvious, but you can’t really tout Stern without mentioning its location.  With the luxury of incorporating speakers who are the world’s most successful business leaders, Stern fully leverages its access to the many top companies in the city as well as visitors from other companies who find themselves so often in the busy business capital that is New York.  The cultural advantage of being in the Big Apple is hard to match as well.  From outings to Broadway, to dining in the world’s top restaurants, to simply touring the unique neighborhoods within the city that never sleeps, Stern students are literally enhancing their cultural experience at every turn.

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