MBA Snapshot: Yale SOM

If MIT Sloan is at the intersection of Business and Technology, then Yale School of Management is at the intersection of Business and Society.  With a strong commitment to the triple bottom line, Yale prepares its students to make a meaningful impact in the world beyond the balance sheet.  Here’s a snapshot of what Yale is most known for…

1)    Non-Profit Management

It’s no secret that Yale SOM is synonymous with non-profit business education, but did you know that more than 90% of its graduates enter the non-profit world?  While Yale has a solid, integrated business curriculum (which was recently overhauled in 2006), the theme of community and society still permeate almost every class.  If you have no interest in working for a non-profit, the only problem you will have is perhaps getting the job interviews you seek at the end of your time there, since far fewer for-profit companies recruit there than at other schools.

2)    Small Class Size        

Given its niche in the non-profit world, it makes sense that the number of applications and ultimately the number of students at Yale SOM would be smaller than average.  In fact, Tuck and Haas are about the only other schools in the top tier with a smaller class size than Yale.  Besides all the benefits which come with a smaller student body, such as more attention from the career management folks, the opportunity to know everyone in your class (and even in the class ahead and behind you), and easy access to professors, perhaps the best news for Yale students is the improvement in its facilities.  Despite the new building, however, Yale is committed to keeping its classes limited to around 300 students.

3)    Brand Name Recognition

There are better schools for finance or marketing, but if you’re going for cache, you can’t do much better than Yale.  Applicants flock from all over the world to apply to Yale purely on it’s history and brand name alone.  Unfortunately, these brand-seekers gum up the process for those for whom Yale is truly a good fit, which has forced the acceptance rate down to a hyper-competitive level.  As one of only six business schools in the Ivy League, Yale benefits from the collective rarified air which only thesest prestigious schools share.  Who cares if the other schools often outrank it on the b-school list?  How many people get to do to an Ivy League business school, right?

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