Ranking the best business school programs by the percentage of MBA graduates entering media and entertainment industries - Updated for 2017

Best MBA Programs for Media & Entertainment Industry Jobs (2017)

For the third year in a row, UCLA Anderson comes out on top when it comes to sending MBA graduates (as a percentage of all graduates in 2016) back into the entertainment & media industries. 

Breaking Down UCLA Anderson's Entertainment/Media Hires

Percentages add up to 6.5% - the percent of hires entering the entertainment/media industry at Anderson.

NYU Stern remains a respectable 2nd, maintaining its spot since our last entertainment & media career ranking.

No surprises here.

Unfortunately, NYU Stern does not break down their entertainment/media related hiring data and stats as granularly as UCLA Anderson does. This is why we are unable to provide you a more detailed analysis of their entertainment/media hires.  

Source: NYU Stern Office of Career Development Employment Report 2016

Entertainment & media programs on the rise

Stanford GSB makes the biggest jump since our last ranking, rising from 13th to 4th place. This represents a change from 1% to 3% from 2015 to 2017. Not too shabby. 

MIT Sloan now leap frogs into 3rd place from its prior 4th place ranking. This is a bit of addition by subtraction. Last time around MIT Sloan had 4.3% of their MBA graduates enter the entertainment & media field. This time it was only 3.6%.

Wharton moves into 4th place from 7th, growing their percentage from 2.4% to 3.2%. 

However, a word to the wise - let's keep it all in perspective - the actual magnitude of change represents only a change in 1, 2 or 3 students.

Entertainment & media programs not on the rise

HBS remains in 6th place, with the exact same percentage of graduates - 3% - entering entertainment and media this time around.

Haas drops out of the race this year with 0%, whereas 1.6% of graduates entered entertainment & media in our last ranking. Haas has never been the strongest with respect to sending graduates back into entertainment or media, but this did surprise us when we examined the numbers. Perhaps Stanford GSB's rise came at the expense of Haas. We can't say for sure right now.  

Michigan Ross - which was 3rd in our last ranking with 5.5% of grads entering entertainment & media - completely drops off the list.

Kellogg - which was 5th in our last entertainment & media ranking - drops from 4.3% to 0.6%. In our opinion, both of these drops (at Kellogg and Ross) are large enough to warrant further investigation should you chose to apply to these programs.

Final Thoughts

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Source: Getting a Job in the Entertainment Industry with an MBA | Amerasia Consulting Group Blog

Dig deeper into the rankings data

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